Janhit Manch, a leading judicial activist NGO of the country, founded by Bhagvanji Raiyani in 2002, has filed about 55 Public Interest Litigations in the Bombay High Court and the Supreme Court.

India is the largest democracy in the world and its citizens are enjoying the fruits of democracy since over six decades. Likewise the people also suffer due to mismanagement of the country by governments at the centre and states as well as local self governments in the rural and urban areas.

Problems are innumerable and the solutions are not in sight. Constitutional provisions on fundamental rights are blatantly violated and no efforts are made to implement the directive principles of the constitution of India.

State bureaucracy is not responsive to the needs and sensitivities of the people and is not easily accessible to the common man. Elected representatives neglect the voters after getting elected and judiciary is ineffective and inefficient to disburse justice in time. Environment and ecology are under severe threat, superstition is rampant, number of illiterates are rising year after year, child labour is widespread, malnutrition is common, family welfare programmes are failing against rising population, slum occupants and homeless are on the rise, people live in dirt and filth, civic services are not commensurate with the amount spent, problems of crimilisation of politics, econmics and society, corruption at all levels, child marriages, rapes, domestic violence, dowry deaths, human rights violations, bandhs, strikes, labour problems, law productivities, recession, bank frauds and financial scams, inadequate transport facilities and infrastructures, depleting natural resources and so on and so forth.

Some of the Non Governmental Organisations (NGOs) doing their bit to salvage the deteriorating conditions of the country, work as watchdog agencies and catalysts between authorities and public.

Janhit Manch, established in 2002 as a nonpolitical forum, aims at becoming one of the leading NGOs of the country. The Manch will use all its resources at its command with the co-operation of all the three wings of the governance i.e. Executive, Legislature and Judiciary in furtherence of its mission to serve the masses. The Manch does not take up the personal and individul matters for resolutions except giving necessary advice, but takes up the issues concerning the large segment and the common interest of the society and the country. It is in the forefront in the judicial activitism and goes on filing PILs (Public Interest Litigations) in the courts, taking up issues at local, state and central government level.